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GardenWalk South Euclid


The 2024 7th Annual GardenWalk South Euclid will take place on Saturday, June 22, and Sunday, June 23 from 12:00 PM until 4:00 pm.

“What is paradise but a garden?” Having seen a stepping stone with that engraving, and then visiting South Euclid for GardenWalk 2022, we can proclaim that South Euclid gardeners each “sit under their own vines and fig trees” creating unique inspiring spaces, each a hidden gem reflecting their creator’s personality. A hearty thank you and congratulations to all who opened their gardens!

GardenWalk South Euclid offered up not only 40 private gardens, but also a nature reserve, a wetland, neighborhood community gardens, and neighborhood ‘pocket’ parks.

Visitors strolled, discovering spaces you simply do not see when driving by, happy to take a longer look and see the beauty to be found in South Euclid.

Visitor Fran Pursell of Moreland Hills wrote: “Of the gardens we viewed, three stood out. The first exuded boundless enthusiasm and joy. An endless number of potted annuals were arranged among mature perennials, trees and shrubs. Garden glass, gazing globes, and stained glass windows accented individual areas. In the second, a dense concentration of plants and ornaments made every garden inch count. Each ‘room’ provided its own colorful sitting/relaxing space. And the third, a large deep lot, offered tasteful, carefully edited, contemporary stone sculptures along with pleasing natural elements.”

Joie Daniel of Chagrin Falls commented “it was like a fairy tale—so many differing gardens—all beautiful in their own ways. I enjoyed meeting the gardeners and other visitors, everyone talking so enthusiastically about what they did and how they did it. Their passion, or their wonderful addiction as one put it, was evident and infectious.”

Other visitors found the gardens “mesmerizing and calming after our long winter.” For Jeanne and Jim Finnke, the GardenWalk conveyed hopefulness and rebirth with sparkling color and calming sounds. They were inspired by South Euclid gardeners who definitely “go with their creative flow.”

Whether you had an opportunity to visit gardens, or perhaps you opened your garden, thank you for making last year’s GardenWalk a huge success! We urge you to participate in this year’s event. For more information, if have questions, want to volunteer or want to sign up to show your garden, email us at

New Garden Tour Map Available June 15th