How to Make a Hand Painted Market Tote Bag

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Homegrown sprouts will ruin store-bought sprouts for you forever. You may think the ones you buy from the store are good, but as soon as you grow your own for the first time and realize how flavorful and crisp they can be, you?ll be amazed. And you?ll want more.

Three Ways to Grow Sprouts at Home

Sprouts are a delicious and easy way to pack more led lawn lamps_2464 nutrition into your diet. Add them to salads, sandwiches, rice or quinoa bowls, or just eat a handful for a snack. Not only are they yummy and simple to add to almost any meal, they are very easy to grow indoors all year round! Here are three different ways to grow your own sprouts.

The most obvious way to grow anything: in the dirt! You can grow sprouts indoors in soil in about ten days. This method works especially well for large seeds with tough shells, like , because the soil helps to separate the sprout from the shell.

Growing sprouts in a Mason jar is easy and convenient. You can use any kind of bean or pea sprouts for Mason jar sprouting (you can also buy that work well), but my favorite combination is mung beans with green peas because they have the same fast growing time and have a similar crunchy texture.

Check out My Video on My Method for Growing Sprouts in a Jar!

If you want to grow sprouts in large quantities with almost no effort, automatic sprouters are great because they do pretty much all the work for you, which means you don?t have to remember to rinse your sprouts multiple times a day?you just have to freshen the water once a day and the sprouter does the rest.


salad with sprouts

Now that you know how to grow sprouts?read more about what types of tasty sprouts you should try!

Types of Sprouting Seeds



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Roses are a symbol of love and beauty, and while some people may think that they seem old-fashioned, roses come by that honestly. Early use of rose as an aromatic herb in the bath, as decoration, and to flavour wine, dates back to ancient Persia. Today?s recipe for rose petal bath bombs takes that luxury from the past to create a romantic spa experience for modern times.

Rose Petal Bath Bombs

History of the Rose Oil Bath

In 1582, Persian princess Nour-Djihan and the Emperor Djihanguyr?s wedding was filled with the aroma of roses from the canal circling the whole garden that was dug out and filled with rose water. Legend has it that the bride and groom were rowing on the water and observed that the heat of the sun separated the water from the essential oil. That?s when distilleries in Persia began bottling and selling rose perfume, Otto of Roses.

Rose Infused Oil

It is extremely labor-intensive and takes a lot of rose petals to extract the essential oil and so today just a small amount of rose oil can cost hundreds of dollars. Many times the rose fragrance that is added to creams and lotions is synthetic and doesn?t have the same luxurious appeal. The synthetic rose fragrance may lead to a modern perception of rose being an old fashioned scent because the true aroma seems like ultimate luxury to me, and what it can do for your skin is even more impressive. Read more:

Homemade Rose Face lotion

Modern Day Pampering: Rose Petal  Bath Bombs

These heart-shaped rose petal bath bombs are just the right size to create a heavenly bath experience in the comfort of your own home, no elaborate rosewater filled canal needed! The bath bomb dissolves and bubbles in the tub it releases the fragrance of rose into the air, softens the water, and allows the red rose petals to float on the surface creating a very special, multi sensory bath experience. Using heart-shaped decorative molds topped with dried rose petals makes these bath bombs perfect for gift giving as wedding favors, shower gifts, and a luxurious Valentine?s treat.
Heart-Shaped Rose Petal Bath Bombs
Even if the aroma isn?t your cup of tea, the idea of beauty and romance stands the test of time when it comes to roses. You can customize the scent in this recipe however you choose. I added red petals as the red rose is a ubiquitous symbol of romantic love and deep red, velvety colour symbolizes exquisite beauty. But again, choose what you love. No matter how you customize it, these rose petal bath bombs are a way to create that luxurious bath experience to truly pamper yourself or your sweetheart.
Heart Shaped Rose Petal Bath Bombs

Rose Petal Bath Bombs Recipe

Makes eight 2.5? heart-shaped tub fizzers

Ingredients and Equipment

  • 250 g non-aluminum baking soda
  • 125 g citric acid
  • 125 g organic corn starch
  • 125 g Epsom salts
  • 100% pure witch hazel
  • 20 drops of rose essential oil or a floral blend
  • Dried rose petals
  • Small spray bottle
  • Heart-shaped mold

Make Rose Tub Fizzers

Make it!

In a large bowl, measure in the dry ingredients and mix well. Add the essential oils and mix again. Using a small spray bottle filled with witch hazel, spray the surface of the powder with 6-8 sprays.

Working quickly, mix the witch hazel in using your hands. Add a few more spritzes of witch hazel on the surface at a time and keep using your hands to blend it together rapidly until the mixture has the consistency of damp sand. It should feel dry but hold together when formed into a ball with your hands.

Add the rose petals to the mold and give a quick spray of witch hazel so they adhere to the bath bomb.

Hear Shaped Bath Bomb Mold

Firmly press mixture into mold. Press into all the grooves of the mold with your thumbs, and keep topping up the mix until you have no give at all when pressing. You really want to pack the mixture in there tightly. Smooth the back of the bath bomb so it is not higher than the top of the mold.

How to Make Rose Bath Bombs

Gently tap the mold so that the bath bomb releases and carefully lay on a tray to dry. Let the bath bombs dry undisturbed for 24 hours.

Homemade Rose Bath Bombs

More Ideas from the Heart

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Market bag, lunch bag, knitting bag, beach bag, travel bag?it doesn?t matter what you decide to use this hand-painted canvas bag for because no matter what you choose, it?s a gorgeous way to replace single use plastic bags with artistic flare. This project will show you some simple ways to brighten up reusable market bags with brilliant colour and permanent paint. Since these bags are meant to be used, and reused, the fabric paint is washable. Setting the paint using high heat will ensure that the design you create will keep on blooming even if you use it every day.

Hand Painted Market Tote Bag that's Washable

Reusable Bags for the Earth

I know you already know about the giant garbage island in the middle of the ocean. Perhaps you also live in one of those fabulous cities that have banned single-use plastic bags from grocery stores. Either way, I hope that, like me, you have a bunch of reusable grocery bags that you take with you when you go shopping or to the market. BUT, the one thing that nobody is talking about that reusable shopping bags don?t have to be ugly!

Sure, you probably have a favorite bag that?s the exact right size and shape for your needs. It?s probably got some company logo on it that doesn?t really mean anything to you. Yeah, I?ve got that bag too. Here?s the thing: when I pull out hand-painted bag politely say to the cashier, ?No thanks, I?ve got my own bag.? I?m inevitably greeted with a smile and a warm compliment about how pretty it is. It might not seem like it?s something that?s very important in the grand scheme of things, but frankly if my brightly-colored painted flowers can make someone smile then maybe it does make an impact. Painting my own market totes is sure is a lot of fun too.

Hand Painted Purple Sunflower Canvas reusable tote bag

Crafting is Therapy

There?s a whole host of studies and articles on the positive impact crafting has on mental health. Activities such as knitting, basket weaving, crochet, ceramics, needlework, woodwork, and gardening (of course) have been used by occupational therapists to help both with taking the mind off pain and negative thoughts as well as stimulating focus and calm. Beyond all the studies, I just know how I feel when I?m making things. It?s where the creative part of my mind gets to take over and the other parts can go have a nap.
Hand Painted Market Tote Bag Step 3

Fabric Paint

Painting canvas bags is a simple, rainy day project that anyone can do. You can paint your canvas freehand or copy a design. A stencil can help layout the design for you. Or you can simply block off sections of the bag with tape and paint the shapes in between!
Using fabric pens and fabric paint means that your bag can be used, washed, dried, and used again without any fading to the design. Fabric paints are specifically designed for painting on fabric. These paints are meant to be heat set so that the fabric can be washed and dried without the paint fading. There are both opaque and translucent paints available. Opaque paint will cover any color of fabric or other (dry) paint. Use light-colored opaque paints on dark fabrics, or dark opaque paints on light fabric for high contrast designs. Translucent paint will allow you to see some of the paint or fabric underneath. Translucent paint can be nice when doing a tone-on-tone design, layering colors, or an ombre pattern.

Here are a few different paints that I like:

Hand Painted Market Tote Bag How to Make a Hand Painted Market Tote Bag

There are a few different ways you can create your images: freehand, stencil, or masking. Freehand drawing allows you to have a complete creative license with the design that you have chosen. Swirly lines, animals and birds, leaves, and botanical elements all have flare when created by hand.

If freehand is not your style, you can use a variety of different stencils. Use letter stencils to spell out a word or phrase. Or choose a stencil of an object you would like to paint. Masking is to block off part of the canvas to create a guide for the paint. Use pieces of masking tape to create shapes on the canvas and paint in between with different colors to create a modern, graphic design.


  • Fabric paint pens
  • Paintbrushes
  • Iron or

Make it!

For all of my designs, I start with a freehand design using a fabric pen. You can look for inspiration online, in nature, or in a adult colouring book.Hand Painted Market Tote Bag Step 1

Next, use fabric paints to fill in parts of the design.Hand Painted Market Tote Bag Step 2

You an always switch back to the fabric pens again to add more detail.Hand Painted Market Tote Bag Step 4

Once the paint is dry, set them with an iron or a heat press. Use the hottest setting and iron each part of the design for 10 minutes. I will admit, that 10 minutes of ironing seems like an eternity. Since I make a lot of fabric painted or iron on vinyl projects, I got a  as a Christmas gift last year and it makes the whole ironing part a whole lot easier. The large base and high heat allows you to set the pain in just 30 seconds!  Either way, take the time to properly set the design. This will ensure that you can wash the canvas bag according to the directions on the fabric paint and your creation will stay beautiful!Hand Painted Reusable Grocery Bag

Make yourself a few extra bags so you can wrap presents with them as gifts this year as well. You could also fill them with groceries and bring them to some new parents or an ailing friend. Any way you use them, they will brighten up someone?s day!

More Creative Craft Projects for a Rainy Day

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