Florida Dog Trainer Loses License When 5 Greyhounds Tested Positive for Cocaine

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?In the four-week period in question my name was entered ?Trainer of Record? whilst hiring a new trainer. McAllister, 70, opted not to dispute the findings and waived his right to a hearing. No additional investigation or animal cruelty charges are expected at this time. ?Both of those are very grave scenarios and raise serious questions about the welfare of the dogs and the integrity of the races at Derby Lane. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Authorities were alerted to the findings and, over the next few weeks, urine samples collected from the other dogs in McAllister?s kennels, where he was listed as trainer in record, found four additional greyhounds?tested positive for cocaine. ?I?m not sure which is worse, that these were attempts to fix races or that individuals who are responsible for the dogs are doing cocaine,? Carey Theil, executive director of GREY2K USA, a nonprofit industry watchdog group said. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My awareness at age 70 is at fault to where I had four different helpers in this time frame, one of these undesirables had to have either dropped or administered the ?cocaine?. Malcolm McAllister had his license revoked by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation on April 26 after 40 years?in?the Florida dog-racing circuit. 1954 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you 1 Comment 1 Comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. In a written statement, the 70-year-old trainer said he had ?great sadness and disbelief? and denied any knowledge of how the drugs ended?up in the dogs? systems.1954 SHARES A well-known Florida dog trainer had his license revoked when 5 Greyhounds tested positive for cocaine. The Division of Pari-Mutuel Racing in the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation permanently revoked McAllister?s license effective April 24, according to a case file obtained by the .? It is still unclear how the drugs ended up in the dogs? systems or who, if not McAllister, was responsible for both fixing the races and administering potentially lethal drugs to the dogs.? Before this incident, McAllister had only been cited once in his 40-year career for failing to properly display his license. My only plea is that it was not me. A standard urine screening revealed the dog had cocaine in his system. . Malcolm McAllister has been training racing dogs for more rotational feeding than 40 years. ?It is with great sadness and disbelief this very serious charge has been brought against me,? McAllister said in the statement. In January, a Greyhound named Flying Tidalwave crossed the finish line at Derby Lane in 4th place

. And so began the family?s ?new normal? ? checking blood sugar, watching food intake, counting carbs. Most times, Jerry told , Sinatra alerts Tyler about his blood sugar even before the specialized diabetic equipment he uses can. His aunt, a nurse, recognized the symptoms and encouraged the family to have things checked out. Tyler?s blood sugar was shockingly high, so high that doctors were amazed he wasn?t in a coma. Sinatra can smell and alert Tyler when his blood sugar levels are too high or too low. 1342 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you 2 Comments 2 Comments Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2012 when the teen began feeling incredibly thirsty and drinking unusually large volumes of water. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.1342 SHARES An Arkansas teen graduated high school with a very special friend by his side in a matching cap and gown ? his service dog, Sinatra! Tyler McCready, now a Rose Bud High School graduate with big dreams of attending college in Florida, walked the field last week with is diabetic alert dog, Sinatra, at his hip. Attending class with Tyler every day since the 10th grade, Jerry McCready, Tyler?s dad, says the life-saving alert dog has certainly earned his diploma, too. So, naturally, when it came time for graduation ceremonies, Tyler made sure to include his best friend and service dog in the celebration with his very own matching cap and gown. The family created a GoFundMe to purchase a service dog for Tyler and within just a few weeks, they were introduced to Sinatra

Cumboui, formerly named Huey, was adopted in January 2016. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Matt learned through Facebook posts that Rollins had placed Huey for adoption without his consent. Police are investigating the death as a suicide. When he was stationed in Korea, he entrusted his estranged wife with Huey?s care with the intention of getting the dog back when he returned home.? Heng can be heard in the background of the video asking Rollins to let him shoot the dog, too. Rollins was found dead in her home around 3am Sunday morning. After tying the dog to a tree, Rollins shot her dog several?times while Heng videotaped the incident. In January 2016, Rollins? estranged husband, Matt, adopted the dog, then named Huey, from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In addition to the video evidence, police say Rollins sent text messages to friends, confessing to?the shooting. . Following Rollins, Heng can be seen shooting Camboui another several times in rapid succession, while the couple laughed and continued filming. But, the truth was much more sinister. Photo Cumberland County Animal Shelter. Rollins and Heng, both of Fayetteville, North Carolina?were due to appear in court later this month on felony animal cruelty charges. Heng posed for pictures with the dog before the couple executed him. Marinna Rollins, 23, and her?boyfriend, Jerren Heng, 26,?took a?gray-and-white male pit bull she called?Cumboui, into a wooded area of North Carolina in mid-April. ?They can be heard on the tape laughing and giggling as the dog was being killed,? Cumberland County District Attorney Clark Reaves said at the couple?s first court appearance on Tuesday. 4401 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you 31 Comments 31 Comments Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.4401 SHARES The North Carolina army veteran accused of tying her service dog to a tree and fatally shooting him?while laughing and filming the incident alongside her active-duty soldier boyfriend was found dead in her home Sunday night. It was a close friend of the couple that posted video of the shooting to Facebook, in hopes that it would draw attention and lead to punishment. Rollins, instead, changed Huey?s name to Camboui, updated his microchip information to her own name, and registered the dog?as an Emotional Support Animal while her estranged husband, the rightful owner of the dog, was in Korea. Police said that before shooting the dog, Rollins posted a photo of him to?her Facebook page, posting?that she ?was sad that her dog had to go to a happier place. She and her boyfriend had actually killed the dog and filmed the entire incident

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